MBP 033 How to Simplify Your Brand Message with Robert Pearson

Robert Pearson is the Global Executive Vice President of Marketing, E-Commerce, and Digital & Brand at Rareview, a group that helps companies grow by connecting brands to their audience in ways that are intentionally different. Even in high school, Robert was always interested in psychology, the different types of human behavior, ... More

MBP: 032 Ditch the Pitch and Really Start Connecting with Laura Templeton

Laura Templeton is the CEO and Founder of 30 Second Success, a company geared towards helping people develop a commercial that resonates with their target audience, make better connections, and obtain better business in 30 seconds or less. On top of being a company leader, she is also a speaker, radio host, and a networking and branding ... More


MBP: 031 Maintaining Brand Identity Through Brand Marketing with Ed Harris

Ed Harris is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board and a University Adjunct Professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. His interest in marketing started when he was deciding what to pursue in college. Growing up, he says he’s always been interested in the arts, but also wanted to ... More

MB030 Experiential and Virtual Event Marketing with James Riseborough

James Riseborough is the founder and CEO of Turtle Transit, a company that provides interactive displays and exhibits in the form of fabricated mobile marketing vehicles. James’ career didn’t begin in marketing per se, but he was always asked to create wondrous sculptures and other fabricated pieces for clients who would then use ... More

MBP:029 All things about email marketing with Erik Harbison

Erik Harbison is the Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber Communications, Inc. He oversees AWeber’s overall marketing operations, strategies, and vision. His journey into marketing started in church where, at the age of six, he discovered a creative way to distract his brothers: drawing on awfully made church ads. He obtained a ... More

MBP:028 How to Grow Your Business with Technology with Deirdre Mahon

Deirdre Mahon is an expert on marketing and customer success. Her specialty is growing startups as she is fond of working with blank plates. With over 20 years of marketing experience, she is a multi-function marketing and SaaS executive, and has handled every aspect of marketing. She currently works for Hewlett-Packard and is ... More

MBP027: Marketing vs Sales in a B2B World with Greg Millman

Greg Millman is the Chief Marketing Officer of Carillon Tower Advisers (CTA), a company that provides individual and institutional investors with a variety of fixed income and equity products for long-term goals. Greg’s responsible for directing all marketing and corporate communication efforts for CTA and its affiliates. Greg h... More

MBP:026 Creating Customer Loyalty Through Video Marketing with Jill Perez of CustomerCentric Selling

Jill Perez is the head of marketing for CustomerCentric Selling, a company that specializes in sales training and shines the spotlight on strategies that encourage buyers to buy. Jill has extensive experience with other tech businesses namely BMC Software, WorldCom, and Premiere Global Services. She has accumulated almost 20 years worth ... More

MBP 025: “Experiential Marketing: It’s All About Engagement” with Sheila Steinmark

Sheila Steinmark is not your ordinary marketing guru. She was originally a retired First Sergeant who served for more than fourteen years. After retirement, she worked for three companies, one of which was Busch Creative Services. They hired her for an administrative position due to her military background as well as the discipline she ... More

MBP:024 Stop That! The Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media with Jeff Gibbard

Jeff Gibbard is known as strategist, keynote speaker, and content producing machine and boy does he love content. As great as he is in the marketing scene, he himself doesn’t consider his job to be as a marketer, but rather as a business consultant. Before his current work at True Voice Media, Jeff tried his hand at so many busines... More