MBP 015: How to Get Started With Video Marketing With McKee Smith

McKee Smith was one of the very first people who started working on the Barney The Dinosaur show back in 1988. He was in charge of making sure the show was not only good for VHS distribution, but also made sure each and every episode were shows kids would love. After it became an official show on PBS in 1993, McKee would later work on other kids shows such as Thomas The Tank Engine and Bob The Builder, making sure the shows get the kind of quality kids would love and enjoy.

By 2003, McKee found himself doing more marketing work than broadcasting, creating videos for large screen displays as well as information-based videos that people would end up carrying in their tablets. He left the company in 2013 when the main office decided to relocate and ended up starting his own company in Dallas called Modern Media Answers. His company specializes in doing live action video, whiteboard animation, and more recently, Facebook Live shows.

Today, McKee tells us the secrets behind Barney’s success, the importance of online videos for businesses and SEO, and why having a video on your website is more practical than it sounds.

 The smartphones everybody carries around today are better quality cameras than broadcasters were using in the early 2000s.McKee Smith

 This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Nothing tells a story other better than video. People click on video more than anything else on the web.
  • People share videos which is the result of being viral.
  • When something is shared between people, it has a proven effect on you from people you know than strangers online. Video reviews, for example, are viewed and often shared if it came from a friend or a reputable source.
  • Videos on pages can make people stay longer. Google will rank a site that helps people stay longer.
  • Studies show videos can increase lead conversion by up to 50%.
  • People are scared of the cost of making professional videos, but it’s more practical than other forms of advertisement. You can reuse the video over and over again. You can also update them.
  • Emails you send are opened 30% more often if it says there’s a video inside.

McKee’s Words of Wisdom:

  • So much of the sales process today takes place before there’s any actual contact.
  • If you’re going to record a video, turn it horizontal. Don’t shoot vertical pictures. It’s what pros do.
  • Like any business, pick a goal when starting a video. Decide what you want to accomplish and work from there.
  • Pick a small project you can do on video and try something small to get started. Test the waters; testing allows you to know whether something is working for you or not.

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