MBP:018 Avoiding Video Marketing Mistakes with Stephen Henning

Steve Henning has been in the marketing industry for over 35 years. He founded Advance Digital (now known as Advance Marketing Services) in 1993, a company that focuses on helping clients communicate their message successfully through social media. They produce videos for small to medium sized businesses as well as nonprofit organizations. He has been producing made-for-cable TV shows for the last five years.

Today, Steve talks about his experience in the field and offers his expert advice on how to make sure the video you use is relevant and is easily digested by your target audience whether it’s B2C or B2B. We also discuss some of the most common errors people make when starting with video and Steve offers his advice on how to prevent them from happening.

 Everyone has a story and video is such a powerful tool for storytelling.Steve Henning

 This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Most people don’t really have an articulated plan for how they’re going to use video, but just to have a video for the sake of having one.
  • Making one video cover all bases is a bad idea. Any video needs to have a strong plan in place.
  • Teasers are ideal for the home page. Keep it short and sweet. You don’t even need to talk.
  • Testimonials are the most common types of videos.
  • Videos can help increase leads by a tremendous amount.
  • Not everybody uses the same social media platforms. Some videos should target people specifically on certain social media sites.

Steve’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Video is the communication tool for marketing.
  • The overall story of a business is composed of multiple stories. You can use these stories in multiple videos instead of having one large video compilation.

Connect with Steve Henning:

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