MBP 002: What Makes or Breaks a Rebrand (with Greg Rose, Intellum)

We’ve got a great show with  Greg Rose, VP of Marketing at Intellum. Intellum is an award winning software and services company focused in the areas of e-learning and social collaboration. Greg has spent more than fifteen years marketing a wide variety of business-to-business solutions including: software, technology, financial services, supply chain and global outsourcing.

He considers himself a “marketing generalist,” looking for opportunities to completely own a brand, first developing a strong multi-channel marketing strategy and then executing against it with every tool at his disposal.

He leverages his experience in business strategy, marketing, sales, account management and both internal and external communications to drive this “go-to-market” approach.

In our episode he talks about:
  1. Where the industry is going and how to win.
  2. How he was able to rebrand a company so well the audience couldn’t remember the name of the old company.
  3. What makes and breaks a rebrand.
  4. How he’s been able to successfully stand out among all the competitors.
  5. Why marketers need to do some sales.

Some key takeaways:

  • When rebranding, you need a flip the switch moment.
  • Sales and marketing are the same thing.
  • His favorite software tools: Pardot and Webflow

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