MBP 003: Content is King at Pipedrive (with Brad Zomick, Pipedrive)

We’ve got a great show with  Brad Zomick, Director of Content Marketing at Pipedrive in New York.

Pipedrive is a Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions. In short, it’s a simple and visual sales pipeline tool.

Having worked with technology companies in financial services, e-commerce, and online education, domestic and abroad, Brad understands the complexities of consultative custom solutions.  Some of his specialities include Content Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Email Marketing and Social Media.

In our conversation, he shares:

1) How the company blog and newsletter has increased sales, contributed to 15,000 new email subscribers and over 30k users across the globe.
2) How content has led their prospects to them.
3) And with so many CRMs and sales tools out there, he talks about how they’ve been standing out.

To try Pipedrive out for yourselves, Brad use the coupon code ‘BOSS’ at checkout!

Salescalculators.com – An awesome tool for calculating how many No’s you can expect in sales. Check it out!

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