MB030 Experiential and Virtual Event Marketing with James Riseborough

James Riseborough is the founder and CEO of Turtle Transit, a company that provides interactive displays and exhibits in the form of fabricated mobile marketing vehicles. James’ career didn’t begin in marketing per se, but he was always asked to create wondrous sculptures and other fabricated pieces for clients who would then use them for their marketing purposes. He enjoyed the way clients used his work and slowly gravitated toward this niche as time passed. His growing passion for marketing and advertising plus his creative mind inspired him to start Turtle Transit, and just fall in love with the whole business. 

Today, James talks about how he defines experiential marketing, the challenges and successes he and his company experienced, the impact of video marketing on his company’s success, and his insight towards the future of marketing. 

 Experiential marketing is the experience of being part of that marketing.” – James Riseborough 

 This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast: 

  • What is experiential marketing? 
  • The most successful projects his company launched. 
  • Challenges or problems clients usually tell him that his company helps solve. 
  • Their approach to make the displays stand out. 
  • What most marketing departments are missing today. 
  • What are “cubicle marketers”? 
  • The biggest challenge and greatest success of Turtle Transit. 
  • His view of marketing 5-10 years from now. 

 Erik’s Words of Wisdom: 

  • Know your business, enjoy your business, and the rest will come to you. 

 Connect with James Riseborough: 

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