MBP 019: Demystifying Influencer Marketing With Joseph Cole

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Joseph Cole is the Vice President of Growth over at TapInfluence, a company that provides an automated platform that supports influencers and their marketing campaigns efficiently. Oddly enough, Joseph’s first job was an actor before he changed his career into that of a marketer. In his experience, he says acting and marketing share similar job requirements and it all involves understanding your role in the lives of your consumers.

Today, Joseph talks about the definition of influencer marketing, what an influencer is, and the type of people he considers major influencers. He also gives advice on how to be a great influencer and how to pick the right influencer for the brand you want to sell.

 Influencers have become influential because of the content they create.Joseph Cole

 This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Before going into influencer marketing, it’s imperative to understand what an influencer is.
  • Celebrities are at the top of the pyramid of influence while ambassadors are at the bottom. The middle is composed of social celebrity influencers and micro influencers.
  • You have to match the kind of brands influencers would realistically use. You have to have the right brand and influencer work together.
  • Influencers have an authentic meaningful relationship with followers because of the content they create.
  • A huge following doesn’t necessarily mean an influencer is good for your brand.
  • Being too controlling of content the influencer makes will only make it look like just another ad and people will not like it.

Joseph’s Words of Wisdom:

  • When you think about the last purchase you made, in many ways it was a recommendation. You were influenced to make the purchase decision.

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