MBP: 020 Aligning Marketing With Sales With Robin Cangie

Robin Cangie always said good marketing should educate, inspire, and transform and that’s what she’s been doing for the last ten years. Oddly enough, she holds a degree in history and philosophy and says she got into marketing by accident. That story involves meeting her future husband and working on a contract marketing role at a tech company in Portland. A few years later, she began working for JHANA as their VP Marketing.

Today, Robin talks about her many experiences throughout her career, her good and bad expansions, and how her team handled conflicts with the sales department. She also shares tips and strategies to make both marketing and sales work together on one goal instead of department-specific numbers.


We view ourselves as part of a shared team with a shared mission.” –  Robin Cangie


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • The differences and similarities between marketing departments and sales departments
  • Areas where marketing and sales often overlap to achieve common goals
  • “Bad” experiences that Robin has had in the past, and what she learned from them
  • How departmentalizing teams can get in the way of shared goals and missions
  • How technology can sometimes aid in stress between departments and how to overcome it
  • The percentage of technology utilization within many marketing and sales departments
  • Why setting shared cross-departmental goals is critical to success
  • Where Robin sees the future of marketing heading in the near future

Robin’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Cross-departmental collaboration might feel like it’s impossible. The hard truth is, for some companies, it might be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a lot of progress. It starts with that one weekly meeting.

Connect with Robin Cangie:

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