MBP: 032 Ditch the Pitch and Really Start Connecting with Laura Templeton

Laura Templeton is the CEO and Founder of 30 Second Success, a company geared towards helping people develop a commercial that resonates with their target audience, make better connections, and obtain better business in 30 seconds or less. On top of being a company leader, she is also a speaker, radio host, and a networking and branding coach. Having an extensive experience in sales and networking, she knew exactly how to make a dull ad better and drive business to its company’s door.  

One of the reasons Laura started 30 Second Success was because of how she felt about seeing people around her struggle with their 30-second commercial during networking and business events. She started helping people out and word began to spread when people saw the results. 

On today’s episode, Laura shares her insights on what makes a great 30-second ad. She also shares her tips when it comes to maximizing the benefits of networking and a few quick tips on how to improve any 30-second pitch. 

 “The key to networking is not about what you’re gonna get; it’s about what you’re gonna give.” – Laura Templeton 

  • How she got started in the marketing industry  
  • The importance of how you say a script in a 30-second ad  
  • Her advice for people who think networking is all about giving business cards. 
  • What are “Power Partners?” 
  • Her tips for people who don’t have a big budget or are just starting out. 
  • The importance of being the “friendly face” in the room. 
  • How bringing people along to networking groups can benefit your business. 
  • Quick tips for improving 30-second pitches. 
  • Why you should always end with your name and company at the end. 

 Laura’s Words of Wisdom: 

  • Networking is about helping others grow their business. 
  • If you’re willing to help out, show up early. 
  • Even if we’re working for someone else, we’re still marketing ourselves. 

 Connect with Laura Templeton: 

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