MBP 033 How to Simplify Your Brand Message with Robert Pearson

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Robert Pearson is the Global Executive Vice President of Marketing, E-Commerce, and Digital & Brand at Rareview, a group that helps companies grow by connecting brands to their audience in ways that are intentionally different. Even in high school, Robert was always interested in psychology, the different types of human behavior, and of course marketing. He chose a degree in marketing because that industry excited him the most. 

Robert has over 15 years of professional experience, and is known for driving revenue and profit which won him awards and recognition in the industry. He has a natural talent towards people and sending the right message. 

In this episode, Robert shares his wisdom on how to communicate with your target market. He gives examples of great brand messaging, describes the basic steps in forming a message, and explains why simplifying a message is easier than creating one. 

“Customers don’t really buy the best products or services, they buy the products and services that are the easiest to understand.” – Robert Pearson 

 This Week on the Marketing Boss Podcast: 

  • Why brands with the simplest messages are the ones that win. 
  • What made Trump’s marketing strategy better than Hillary’s? 
  • Why listening to your customer is the first step in making a brand message. 
  • Why brands being a “guide” is better than being a “hero” 
  • How do you know if your message is clear? 
  • The most obvious indicator of messaging success. 
  • The importance of passing the Grunt Test. 
  • The questions you should be asking when grading your brand message. 
  • How should your website’s messaging look like? 
  • How long should you work on your brand message? 

 Robert’s Words of Wisdom: 

  • In building a website: The “About Us” is not about you, but for your customers. 
  • It’s harder to simplify a message than create one. 

 Connect with Robert Pearson: 

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