MBP:016 How To Produce High-Quality, Fun Videos With Kelley Detweiler

Kelley Detweiler had what she calls a fortunate accident when she stumbled upon the world of video marketing. While she worked in civil litigation’s, a friend approached her and asked if Kelley would want to have a part in launching a new company by being a liaison officer. Her first few jobs involved redesigning the website, making brochures, and expanding social media presence until she finally became involved in the world of video marketing.

Today, Kelly shares with us her techniques in crafting the type of video people would watch and share, the importance of relating to the consumer, and why it’s important to make sure the message of your video is easy to consume.


A marketer’s job, first and foremost, is to align with the audience.Kelley Detweiler


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • To reach customers and prospects and engage them, you need a medium that all the customers and prospects will be comfortable with.
  • Video can solve every problem a marketing strategy encounters.
  • Video is real. Video puts P2P back into B2B.
  • Video humanizes your company and makes people relate to you. It allows you to be more engaging, to create more meaning.
  • People are always on their phone and they prefer to watch a video than read long form articles.
  • When it comes to video marketing, Snapchat is where it’s at.
  • If it’s more fun and easy, it’s more digestible to people.
  • Don’t get in front of the camera just to sell, talk about something fun and let them know what or why you’re selling it.
  • Get clear on what the audience wouldn’t want.
  • Be as authentic as you can be in front of a camera.


Kelley’s Words of Wisdom:

  • We are living in an era of show and not tell.
  • Have a great message and make sure it is easy to consume.
  • Marketing is perpetual motion. Our task is to continually, create, innovate, disseminate, validate. Rinse and repeat.

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