MBP:021 How to GET and USE Testimonials the Smart Way with Teresa “TC” Clark

Teresa Clark, or TC as her colleagues call her, serves as On Fire Reviews’ content and marketing consultant. She helps businesses gets quotes that gets their clients to sell for them and voice their opinions on objections. She says “Testimonials are as critical to you as your website” and for her happy clients, this is fact.

Today, Teresa talks about the business of gathering testimonials, how her company does this, the many ways of extracting the right answers from clients, and why even the simplest quotes can boost a company’s reach.


A compliment says you’re awesome. A quote says why.Teresa Clark


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Teresa creates a video based on testimonials from clients.
  • The more someone likes you, the more they put off writing your testimonial because they want to get it perfect.
  • Fastest way to get a testimonial is through a recorded phone call.
  • A third party caller is better than a personal call because the ability to dig deeper is not awkward. It’s important to make it a conversation, not a survey.
  • A properly structured phone call can make the difference between a good compliment and a marketable testimonial.
  • Don’t ask the money questions first.
  • A testimonial topic video is a video composed of quotes from different clients.

Teresa’s Words of Wisdom:

  • It’s easier to refer you if you have a video that helps refer you. The more tools you have to help your friends refer you, the easier for them.
  • A video telling people to buy a service is better than simply telling people why they should buy a service.

Connect with Teresa Clark:

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