MBP:023 The Benefits of Marketing Technology for Your Company with Dana Richman

Dana Richman is a marketing professional focusing in marketing, design and branding. Currently, she is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Hivewyre, a second party data co-op in Scottsdale, Arizona. She truly believes that the right marketing technology strategy when completely adopted across the organization can drive revenue to new levels. During her professional tenure, she has learned how technology can augment and automate marketing and sales efforts in all industries across the board. She has worked directly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies to learn more about potential customers and uncover insights for future marketing efforts. Dana received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business and completed her ClickDimensions certification.


It’s fun how the world of marketing can lead you to where you end up next.Dana Richman


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • She’ll tell us how her company integrates sales and marketing.
  • How to effectively use technology when it comes to personalizing emails.
  • The importance of fully utilizing and implementing the technology a company has.
  • What should you consider when it comes to acquiring new technology for your company?
  • Why video is an effective tool when combined with technology.
  • The things you can do to improve your email and convert leads.

Dana’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Don’t be scared of aligning your goals with the other teams.
  • Make use of the technology part of your company’s culture.

Connect with Dana Richman:

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