MBP:024 Stop That! The Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media with Jeff Gibbard

Jeff Gibbard is known as strategist, keynote speaker, and content producing machine and boy does he love content. As great as he is in the marketing scene, he himself doesn’t consider his job to be as a marketer, but rather as a business consultant.

Before his current work at True Voice Media, Jeff tried his hand at so many businesses including a personal chef service. He ended up going to business school because he realized he had no idea how to properly run a business. It was there where he did a study focused on emerging social media platforms back in 2008 like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He took advantage of the social media boom and never looked back.

Today, Jeff talks about the many wrong things marketers are doing on social media, his tips on how to improve their marketing strategies, and some of his pet peeves.


Social media is a democratizing force that gives everyone a voice, gives us the ability to stop asking permission, go around the gatekeepers and create our own destiny.Jeff Gibbard


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Is there a right and wrong in social media marketing?
  • What is the right thing to do on Twitter for content marketing?
  • Why is the Auto DM welcome message on Twitter a bad idea?
  • Why TrueTwit is just bad for business.
  • The link between ads and audience fragmentation.
  • The importance of being human on social media.
  • Why we need to be slow and methodical about marketing on social media.
  • His tips on what social media marketers should just stop doing.

Jeff’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Social media has become angry, noisy, and automated.
  • Marketing shortcuts in social media ruins the whole social aspect of it.
  • Actually caring or sounding like you care is better than outright selling to people as if they want to buy your products.

Connect with Jeff Gibbard:

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