MBP:026 Creating Customer Loyalty Through Video Marketing with Jill Perez of CustomerCentric Selling

Jill Perez is the head of marketing for CustomerCentric Selling, a company that specializes in sales training and shines the spotlight on strategies that encourage buyers to buy. Jill has extensive experience with other tech businesses namely BMC Software, WorldCom, and Premiere Global Services. She has accumulated almost 20 years worth of marketing experience.

Today, Jill talks about what her current company does, the importance of video marketing for customer loyalty, and how to take advantage of the social media age.


Customer marketing is enabling and giving a platform to your client base to tell your story for you.Jill Perez


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Why she never felt boxed-in in her career and what CustomerCentric is all about.
  • Advice to develop in terms of standing out.
  • Why do some companies not utilize video testimonies?
  • What is “buyer first” marketing?
  • What she sees in the future of marketing.

Jill’s Words of Wisdom:

  • The key is repetition and to take advantage of so many ways to share content.
  • Find creative ways to create those customer loyalty programs or customer marketing programs.
  • There will be continued growth and investments on video marketing.

Connect with Jill Perez:

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