MBP:028 How to Grow Your Business with Technology with Deirdre Mahon

Deirdre Mahon is an expert on marketing and customer success. Her specialty is growing startups as she is fond of working with blank plates. With over 20 years of marketing experience, she is a multi-function marketing and SaaS executive, and has handled every aspect of marketing. She currently works for Hewlett-Packard and is helping the large hardware company move into a consumption-based model.

Today, Deirdre talks about how marketing is taking on customer success roles, what makes startups really interesting, how marketing and sales can thrive in today’s technology-driven industry, and why customer success should be prioritized above all else.


The world of customer success is absolutely critical to driving revenue.” – Deirdre Mahon


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • How she started in marketing and her professional experience.
  • Is the change in customer success due to change in technology?
  • Do customers who use apps get the same level of personal service that an actual person could give?
  • Does technology make the human interactivity better or worse?
  • Is technology bridging marketing and sales?

Deirdre’s Words of Wisdom:

  • It can’t be left to only sales, marketing has to be in the driver’s seat for customer success.
  • Think outside-in. Listen to what customers are saying, listen to their needs and requirements.

Connect with Deirdre Mahon:

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