MBP:029 All things about email marketing with Erik Harbison

Erik Harbison is the Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber Communications, Inc. He oversees AWeber’s overall marketing operations, strategies, and vision. His journey into marketing started in church where, at the age of six, he discovered a creative way to distract his brothers: drawing on awfully made church ads. He obtained a degree in advertising at Penn State University and jumped on the internet bandwagon during the late 90’s.

Erik credits his ability of keeping up with marketing trends to him having over fifteen years’ experience working with digital agencies. He later shifted to the tech side marketing, with a focus on product marketing, at AWeber.

Today, Erik tells us about what makes AWeber different from the competition, his thoughts on spam, and why an “unsubscribe” is a blessing in disguise.


Successful email marketing starts way before you even hit the send button.” – Erik Harbison


This Week on The Marketing Boss Podcast:

  • Myths surrounding using an email service provider.
  • What is considered “spam” and how to avoid the spam folder?
  • Is it alright to rent the tech that sends emails?
  • When is the best day to send email?
  • In the context of marketing, can email be long?
  • The question you should ask your audience that can improve your email marketing.
  • Where he sees email evolving in the next 5 years.

Erik’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Spam isn’t necessarily using words like free or the usual content. It is anything not relevant to the end user.
  • Owning the technology that delivers emails to inboxes allows you to be in full control of what’s critical in your business.
  • It’s not just the length of the email, but what’s in the email. Understand the notion of deliverability.

Connect with Erik Harbison:

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