MBP:023 The Benefits of Marketing Technology for Your Company with Dana Richman

Dana Richman is a marketing professional focusing in marketing, design and branding. Currently, she is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Hivewyre, a second party data co-op in Scottsdale, Arizona. She truly believes that the right marketing technology strategy when completely adopted across the organization can drive revenue to new ... More

MBP:022 Overcoming Startup Challenges With Lance Baird

Lance Baird runs Baird Consulting, LLC, a company that specializes in providing support for startups and other small business helping them not only grow quickly, but also securely. In an industry that continually changes and evolves, Lance and his team strongly believe that staying true to yourself – as well as your customers – is one ... More

MBP:021 How to GET and USE Testimonials the Smart Way with Teresa “TC” Clark

Teresa Clark, or TC as her colleagues call her, serves as On Fire Reviews’ content and marketing consultant. She helps businesses gets quotes that gets their clients to sell for them and voice their opinions on objections. She says “Testimonials are as critical to you as your website” and for her happy clients, this is fact. To... More

MBP: 020 Aligning Marketing With Sales With Robin Cangie

Robin Cangie always said good marketing should educate, inspire, and transform and that’s what she’s been doing for the last ten years. Oddly enough, she holds a degree in history and philosophy and says she got into marketing by accident. That story involves meeting her future husband and working on a contract marketing role at a ... More

joseph cole

MBP 019: Demystifying Influencer Marketing With Joseph Cole

Joseph Cole is the Vice President of Growth over at TapInfluence, a company that provides an automated platform that supports influencers and their marketing campaigns efficiently. Oddly enough, Joseph’s first job was an actor before he changed his career into that of a marketer. In his experience, he says acting and marketing share ... More

MBP:018 Avoiding Video Marketing Mistakes with Stephen Henning

Steve Henning has been in the marketing industry for over 35 years. He founded Advance Digital (now known as Advance Marketing Services) in 1993, a company that focuses on helping clients communicate their message successfully through social media. They produce videos for small to medium sized businesses as well as nonprofit organizatio... More

MBP: 017 The Power of Branding and Why HR Should be Marketing With Joe Weinlick

Joe Weinlick is the Senior Vice President of Beyond, a career network which, in the words of Joe himself, is “probably the biggest job site in the country you’ve never heard of.” Joe says he got into marketing by mistake as he graduated with an English degree and started working for an organization that made use of creative writing. ... More

MBP:016 How To Produce High-Quality, Fun Videos With Kelley Detweiler

Kelley Detweiler had what she calls a fortunate accident when she stumbled upon the world of video marketing. While she worked in civil litigation's, a friend approached her and asked if Kelley would want to have a part in launching a new company by being a liaison officer. Her first few jobs involved redesigning the website, making ... More

MBP 015: How to Get Started With Video Marketing With McKee Smith

McKee Smith was one of the very first people who started working on the Barney The Dinosaur show back in 1988. He was in charge of making sure the show was not only good for VHS distribution, but also made sure each and every episode were shows kids would love. After it became an official show on PBS in 1993, McKee would later work on ... More

MBP014: Utilizing Systems and Software For Your Business With Jill Kahlenberg

For over 20 years, Jill Kahlenberg has been growing companies and adding new customers for Global Fortune 500 companies and small enterprises. She’s the owner of Marketing Management Solutions, a company built around business software and systems eight years ago. Interestingly enough, she didn’t go to marketing school; instead she ... More