MBP013: Optimizing Snapchat For Your Business With Sweta Patel

  Sweta Patel is the owner of Global Marketing Tactics, a business geared towards optimising a company’s business strategies through various internet and social media marketing. Her company also helps people optimise their presence in social media through strategies and tactics that bring their business to a whole new level. ... More

MBP012 Getting Your Business Noticed With Marketing Expert Robert Murray

Robert Murray is the co-founder of Intrigue Media, a marketing and internet advertising company that proudly states they’re in the business of attention. Robert got started in marketing way, way back when he was 12. He picked up a book on Lee Iacocca and it has piqued his interest in marketing ever since. Prior to his founding of ... More

MBP011 – Creating Viral Video Content with Video Marketing Expert Derral Eves

Most people know Derral Eves as one of the best in video content creation but to his colleagues, he's known as the man behind the famous Unicorn Poop video by Squatty Potty - a video with almost 30 million views since it launched in October 2015. This is a feat many older commercials on YouTube can't achieve in a decade. His humble ... More

MBP010: 5 Things Every Marketer Must Get Right with Owner of Indispensable Marketing Patrick McFadden

  Patrick McFadden, owner and marketing strategist at Indispensable Marketing, is well-known throughout the marketing industry for his unique, strategic approach to helping small and mid-sized businesses grow by defining their marketing strategy first, then identifying the tactics to support their strategy. He strongly believes that ... More

MBP009: Scaling Conferences and Events with Martin Kelly of Terrapinn

Whether you’re-launching your first major event or trying to grow an already established conference to a larger scale, the marketing approach you use with fundamentally affect the results you receive. My guest today is Martin Kelly, the Managing Director of Terrapinn’s North America and South America regional branches. Martin joins ... More

MBP008: Standing Out In The Market with Kahala Brands Senior Director of Marketing Sara Schmillen

  Creating a brand that stands out among your competitors is often one of the most challenging aspects of marketing a business. My guest on this week’s episode is the Senior Director of Marketing at Kahala Brands, Sara Schmillen. Sara is responsible for overseeing the marketing and advertising campaigns for major restaurant brands ... More

MBP 007: Key Strategies in Content Marketing (with Angela Pointon, Hand Select Your Clients)

Our guest today is Angela Pointon. Angela is an expert in creating businesses that clients glide towards like magnets. She spent seven years as COO of a rapidly growing marketing agency and she’s worked with over 250 multi-million dollar businesses helping them create a steady flow of leads. Angela’s background Angela started ... More

MBP 006: Why Your Content Matters (with Kim Landry, Hollister Creative)

Todays guest, Kim Landry, shares her creative expertise at creating thought leadership content for her clients. They interview their clients, capturing their opinions, ideas and approaches in a simple, time efficient manner. The results: Social media and newsletter engagement increased significantly for each of her clients! The key ... More

MBP 005: Know Your Company Eco-System (with Bill Taysom, Conversiv)

Bill Taysom is the Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Conversiv, a brand consultancy.  A BYU alum, he started as a copywriter at a small advertising agency. His career has taken him through everything from start ups to Fortune 500 companies with industries that range from technology to franchising, consumer and non-profits. Some ... More

MBP 004: How UPPN Attracts 300 New Email Subscribers Every Month (with Sulaiman Rahman, UPPN)

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Sulaiman is a social entrepreneur and investor. Over the last 5 years, he has successfully built an international marketing and distribution business in the gourmet coffee and tea industry. As the founder of the Urban Philly Professional Network (UPPN), he developed the organization with a purpose to ... More